The purpose and design of CORESHORTS is what differentiates them from regular compression shorts and makes them UNIQUE! CORESHORTS set a new industry standard and are a necessary component of any athlete's equipment. They are designed to mimic the functional anatomy of the core area (the body's anterior and posterior diagonal sling systems) while also providing compression.

CORESHORTS patented design (Core Activation System) utilizes a series of strategically angled elastics to produce the first anatomically correct compression short.

• Diagonal elastics cross from the hip to the opposite mid thigh - front & back
• Waist area is circumferential providing pelvic compression
• Tension is created for both unidirectional and multidirectional movements

Read more about the influence of moderate prophylactic compression on sport performance in our research paper, published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2005, 19(2), 292–297.

The Solution To Injuries: CORESHORTS™

Pelvic and groin injuries are increasing in both recreational and professional athletics! The SOLUTION is a CORESHORTS.

CORESHORTS offer core protection and reduce strains & sprains. Their UNIQUE patented design supports the core anatomy and enhances functional movements.

The key to an efficient recovery is an early accurate diagnosis, a progressive rehabilitation program, and sport specific retraining. CORESHORTS were designed to aid in the recovery of core injuries by providing anatomical and functional support to the "core" area, including: lower abdominal strain • hernia / sports hernia • sacro-iliac joint sprain • hip ligament sprain • adductor strain (groin) • hip flexor / quadriceps strain • hip rotator strain • hip replacement • hamstring strain • lumbo-sacral sprain • osteitis-pubis • improve pelvic ring stability for postpartum moms.